My Bookshelf Of Inspiration

These are just some of the awesome books that have inspired me and helped steer my course into the sparkling inspirational waters. This page exists partly because I LOVE sharing book recommendations, and because I hope that you will find some fun and insights here too.

Always learning and wondering at the incredible world and possibilities around us.
Remember, you are amazing. Always and no matter what.

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‘Everything Is Figureoutable’ by Marie Forleo

Let’s start with the lady who changed the way I saw the online world, and a lot of other things too! Funny, full of heart and oh-so-successful, her B-school program showed me the possibilities of what could be done if I could just figure out what I wanted to do…

Her book is warm and supportive, but also a massive kick up the arse to go and DO! Read it, be inspired and figure it out.

‘You Are A Badass’ by Jen Sincero

I can’t look at this book without smiling and feeling at least a little bit badass, there is a lot to be said for positive reinforcement! If you have spent nights havering about taking risks, wondered if you are good/brave/smart enough to do that thing, or just felt the frustration of knowing that you are simply not living anywhere near your best life, then you need to read this book.

You are a BADASS! Now lift your chin, add a bit of a grin and get out there to ‘stop doubting your greatness and start living an awesome life’.

‘Be A Free Range Human’ by Marianne Cantwell

Start thinking differently about the way you approach your life and the work you do to generate income. This fabulous lady starts from the life you want to lead and helps you see how to use what lights you up. A creative approach to testing out the options and playfully adapting along the way to find the personalised approach which doesn’t just work for you but delights you every single day.

As she says, the plan is to ‘Escape the 9-5. Create a life you love and still pay the bills’

‘Switch. How To Change Things When Change Is Hard’ by Chip & Dan Heath

It isn’t enough to know that you want to change something, you need to know how to make that change happen. And how to make it stick. This book gave me some great strategies for figuring out what to focus on to get the results I wanted, and to make it feel easy (not all the time, but easier. Although I still can’t keep crisps in the house for more than a week…guess I need to work harder on that one…).

Highly recommended, fascinating to see how you can influence your behaviour towards your goals instead of managing to trip yourself up at every obstacle.

‘The Art Of Being Brilliant’ by Andy Cope & Andy Whittaker

I think every single person should read this book, ideally when they are a teenager. It should be used to rebuild our society and education system from the ground up. (Too much? Maybe, but I really genuinely think so!)

Imagine a world where everyone gets to find what they really excel at and what they LOVE doing. Imagine how exhilarated and inspired the world would be! Imagine yourself if you got to play to your strengths…(no, not strengths like arm-wresting. Well, I guess maybe…We are all wonderfully unique and different, so if that’s your thing then you rock on!)