Hi, I’m Lizzie.
Great to see you here!

Maybe it’s something to do with only being exactly 5 foot nothing tall in my stocking soles, but I’ve always been drawn to the world of the small details. So many possibilities of awe and wonder surrounding us everyday, in tiny moments and feelings as well as visual beauty.

I’m on a mission to see everyone embracing life, having fun and being inspired. My brain is always sparking mad wee ideas so I figured that I would share my creative fun in the hope that it will inspire you too. These tend to emerge in paper format, books and journals or stitched paper collages. All designed to make you smile, notice the incredible details around us and wonder about the possibilities.

So keep appreciating the everyday awesomeness in this incredible world, and be lovely to yourself. Find moments that make you feel like I did in this picture (I love Wild Swimming!). Remember that YOU are amazing, always and no matter what.

Sunrise Wild Swim Splash Kick Loch an Eilein


Always In Awe Of The Beauty Of Nature

From the big weather that paints the whole sky, to the sparkle of a frozen dewdrop. All full of a sense of wonder.

Mini challenge: Spend just 5 full minutes looking up at the stars. Let yourself get lost in the layers upon layers of teeny tiny sparkly constellations. Make up stories about the patterns you find, wonder at the world and the impact we can have, just appreciate the beauty. Get inspired and have fun!

I am lucky enough to live in the beautiful Cairngorms National Park in the Highlands of Scotland. We even have a dark sky park here, so the night skies are often spectacular and can even be adorned with shimmering Northern Lights (aurora borealis) if the conditions are right.
However, even if you live in the middle of a city you can see more stars than you think. Take a cosy blanket and a flask of hot chocolate and go and see!


Yes, this website is a bit chaotic!

Well spotted. I am fully aware that it is a bit of a colourful jumble of ideas and images, although there is at least a theme in the bright and cheeriness (I hope!).
Like life in general this is still a work in progress and should settle down a little as I get to test various things and see where I have the most fun focusing.
In the meantime I just keep reminding myself that creative clutter is more likely to spark something, than polished perfection in boxes. Right now I’m having way too much fun to start boxing things away!

If you have any questions of suggestions then I’d love to hear from you, just drop me a wee note at hello@weeburstofawesome.com

Want to see some of the fabulous books that have inspired me over the years? Maybe pick up some reading inspiration yourself?
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I always love to chat books, so if you have any recommendations then please do drop me your thoughts using the wee form on the contact page or email hello@weeburstofawesome.com