Sunlight hitting light yellow birch leaves

Adventures In Miniature

Guest post for the inspiring Caledonia Collective

No no nooooo! Arms windmilling wildly, I pull my left foot out of the thick goopy bog and try to reclaim my balance. On one leg, bent at the waist, I appear to be attempting to re-enact some kind of swan-lake ballet move, but without the graceful part. It appears that a muddy faceplant is almost in progress but a full-on splashdown belly flop also appears to be a strong option.

Yep, it would appear that I have got myself into an ‘interesting’ situation. Again! 

Things like this are always happening to me at this time of the year, everything is just so enthralling and I have to get close to it. The sparkle of the dew-covered golden leaf lured me right off a perfectly good path like an autumnal will-o-the-wisp. Now here I am, and it’s looking very likely that I’m about to get a very chilly (but free!) full-body mud-pack experience…

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Sunlight coming through copper coloured pine needles

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