Home of wee things created to spark your imagination and remind you to keep looking out for the tiny wonderous moments and beauty that can be found all around us.

Hi! I’m Lizzie and I’m an incurable enthusiast. My big mission is to see everyone embracing life, having fun and being inspired (can’t happen if you don’t try right?). Obsessed with paper and books, and in constant awe of the natural world. This space is where you can find my print-on demand journal designs (including the original fun Wild Swimming Logbook) and stitched paper art experimenting.
All intended to be little things to light you up, make you smile and make your mind start wondering about possibilities.

Have fun having a look around!

Home of the Original Fun Wild Swimming Logbook

For the swimmers who cherish the experiences of fun and friendship, not just the lap times!

Wild Swimming Bingo Game Cover Design

something new to make you giggle

Looking for the perfect present for the outdoor swimmer in your life?
Or wanting to have fun with your swim buddies even when you can’t be out in the water together?
Bingo! Here is your solution.

A simple game with a lot of potential for laughter and connection, allowing you to have fun together no matter the weather or how the world looks out there. You don’t have to be a swimmer, so you can play with people who you haven’t managed to persuade into the water quite yet (this could be a good way to start getting them interested!).

You can download a printable version of the game so you can play right away, or you can order it in a printed book format, the perfect wee present!